ALO! is the only authorized Microsoft OEM partner in Lao PDR which allows the company to equip its products with Microsoft licenses at a lesser price than its competitors. ALO! is a new and innovative company producing its own brand of ICT equipment including smartphones, tablets, and all-in-one (Desktop) systems. A unique Lao ICT manufacturing company with strong support from the government. 


 ALO main goal is to help the country bridge the digital divide. The products are designed to provide a knowledgeble and learning experience. Devices are preinstalled with educational applications such as language and computer self learning, STEM. Curriculums are based on International standard and regularly updated.  


We have invested heavily in skilled human resources, enabling us to architect market-leading solutions to an established reseller-base, with which we have close and trusted relationships. A highly-qualified staff complement enables us to engineer solutions to suit individual client needs, as well as provide expert advice and support on an ongoing basis. Our team of engineers are available to analyse a business situation, evaluate client IT needs, make recommendations and engineer solutions to best suit the customer's business conditions.